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A LittlePod goes a long way

Posted by Daniel
Littlepod at Charlies

We are very proud to be the first stockist of the month at littlePod

"We never get bored or complacent about seeing our natural ingredients on the shelves in shops, whether it’s a tiny deli or big department store, it still makes us smile. So we’ve decided to celebrate all the LittlePod retailers, big and small, up and down the country (and maybe even further afield). So, starting just down the road in our neighbouring county of Cornwall, here’s our first of many featured retailers…its Rebecca and the team at Charlies Café and Deli in Tintagel. Here's what they have to say..."

Who we are

Posted by Daniel

We are a small family business located in the beautiful village of Tintagel and have been trading for nearly 4 years.  We stock mainly Cornish produce, although do we make exceptions for exceptional things from further afield.  Our focus on food is fresh, local and seasonal produce served in a simple manner allowing the ingredients to speak for themselves.  We particularly favour smaller independent producers and are always seeking out artisans in our local area for new stock.

With the enphasis on Seasonal, Local, Artisan

We look forward to meeting you,

Daniel, Rebecca & Charlie